Why Us?

We offer a unique service especially for those interested in their own welfare.
We know, how to boost up the body when developing and slow down when aging.  …..

Research is about living a quality life, from conception to when one leaves the planet. We use Traditional Indian wisdom from Ayurveda, Siddha Unani, Yoga and Diet.

Founders have done extensive research! having 35 years of experience. Despite significant reduction of global footprint, still work in 5 European countries and India.

According to Vedic thought and philosophy, every person is unique and there is no one formula which fits all, We need to consult, guide and make customised protocols.

Help those desirous of progeny to conceive by boosting quality of male sperm and creating a healthy womb in the female for eggs to fertilise and develop healthy foetus 
Further all through development stage give support with guidance, diet and lifestyle along with required supplements to grow and give birth to a bright and healthy baby.

After Child birth, we help mother to return back to her normal self psychologically, physically and emotionally speedily and give special diet and supplements as required.

For the baby, we have special Vedic recipes, starting even during breastfeeding, which develop high immunity, increase growth of body, motor skills, memory and brain.

Second segment till age 12, we have guidance for the special diet, lifestyle and herbal supplements to look after the unique growing requirements of mind and body.

During teenage, we have special study for the development of memory, strength, motor skills, stamina and speed and to avert all hormonal changes which disturb puberty.

Thereafter, for youth, we have special regimen and recipes to  boost reproductive system, extra energy to shoulder all increasing responsibilities and extend youthfulness.

Middle age  – we have excellent techniques to delay onset, and keep one healthy and youthful by averting not only the signs but also physical mental and emotional condition.

Our ancient science has excellent methods, to keep humans self supporting and independent besides keeping old age at bay and one physically fit, mentally alert and socially sound.

Our main area of speciality is minimising and delaying the effects of ageing, using diet, lifestyle and supplements, Charaka one of our Guru’s gives humans a healthy life of 114 years.

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