Mother & Child


Our Care Should Start When you went to Conceive baby


Purpose of Ayurvedic Garbha samskara

  • To create healthy, intelligent , divine baby – IDEAL CHILD
  • To get better progeny
  • To build a better nation and humanity at large
  • Its role in relationship to Safe Motherhood initiatives

Develpment of fetus

  • Ayurveda believes the desire for better progeny starts even before person take the first steps on the road to conception –i.e. even before
  • Garbha samskar program basically comprises of three stages :
  1. Preconception (Beej sanskar)
  2. During Pregnancy (Garbhasanskar)
  • Post Delivery (Bal sanskar)



  • Pre-marriage
  • Preconception
  • Shuddhi
  • Garbhadhan
  • Putreyashti yagya


  • The planning for better progeny starts even before
  • Healthy & disease free child will avoid various hereditary disorders which may affect the child ,because in these conditions recessive gene become dominant
  • SAMATVAGAT VIRYA -Mature age of man & woman including physical and psychological both are essential factors for a good pregnancy


Ayurvedic Preconception Preparation for Pregnancy

  • It starts prior to conception
  • Great importance to general health of couple (physical and psychological normalcy)
  • Parents only provide body to off springs, special qualities e. body complexion, intellect, strength, energy etc. depends upon deeds and qualities of parents, as well as deeds of previous life.
  • Various sanskaras , both the partners get prepared for achieving a better and desired
  • Four Essential Folds For Getting Pregnant
  1. Ritu (Proper time in menstrual cycle & age)
  2. Kshetra (healthy Womb)
  3. Ambu (proper Nutrition)
  4. Bija ( sperm & ova)

During Pregnancy

  • The ultimate goal of every pregnancy is to achieve a “healthy ”
  • A “healthy pregnancy” has been defined as a pregnancy without physical or psychological pathology in the mother or fetus, which results in the delivery of a healthy

Objectives of ANC

  • Promote and maintain the physical, mental and social health of mother and baby by providing education on nutrition, personal hygiene and birthing process
  • Detect and manage complications during pregnancy, whether medical, surgical or obstetrical
  • Develop birth preparedness and complication readiness
  • Help prepare mother to breastfeed successfully, experience normal puerperium, and take good care of the child physically, psychologically and socially
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