Introduction of Udvartana


Introduction of Udvartana :

Udvartana is also named as ‘churnodvartana’. Actually some powders or pastes (kalkas) are used during this procedure. According to Charaka, Udvartana is of two types.

  1. a) Snigdha Udvartana: indicated for lean and thin (krisha).
  2. b) Ruksha Udvartana: indicated for obese (sthoola)


Indications  of Udvartana :

  1. Obesity
  2. Cellulitis
  3. Lipoma
  4. Certain psychological disorders
  5. PCOD
  6. Infertility
  7. Varicose veins
  8. Leukoderma
  9. Diabetic neuropathy
  10. Sleeplessness
  11. Lethargy and laziness

Metabolic syndrome

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