Introduction of Shiro basti


Introduction of Shiro basti :

  • The oil retained on to the head is allowed to retain there for certain period. This procedure of murdhni taila is called as “SHIRO BASTI’’
  • To be more precise ,a special cap, preferably made of leather is fixed around the head just above the ear and eye brow, and joint between the head and cap is made leak proof. On this position cap, lukewarm oil is poured, and is allowed to be retained their for a prescribed period. This therapeutic procedure of bahyasneha to the head is referred as shirobasti.

Indications  of Shiro basti :

  1. Dryness in the nose
  2. Dryness in the mouth
  3. Diseases of head
  4. Loss of sensation of the skin
  5. Eruption on the head
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