Introduction of Ishtika sweda


Introduction of Ishtika sweda :

  • The term Ishtika Sweda has 2 terms –Ishtika – means brick & Sweda – means sweat (sweat inducing therapy)
  • Thus Ishtika Sweda means a treatment done by using brick / bricks so as to induce sweating in the parts of the body afflicted by pain and stiffness.

Indications  of Ishtika sweda :

  1. Ishtika Sweda is used mainly to provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness (catch) associated with heel pain.
  2. Calcaneal spur
  3. Palmar fasciitis
  4. Retro calcaneal bursitis
  5. Achilles tendonitis
  6. Tarsal tunnel syndrome


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