Introduction of Basti Karma

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Introduction of Basti Karma :

  • The process in which the medicated oil or decoction is administered into the lower abdominal area or the pelvis also contains the organ basti (urinary bladder) with the help of Basti Yantra is known as basti.
  • Basti is regarded as the prime treatment modality among the Panchakarmas. It is not only having curative action but also preventive and promotive actions.
  • Bastikarma is the best method of treatment in dealing with vatavikaras and vata dominating other vikaras.

Indications  of Basti Karma :

  1. constipation
  2. low back ache
  3. Inflammatory disorders like Gout, rheumatism
  4. Neurological disorders like sciatica
  5. Nervous disorders like vata headache
  6. Obesity
  7. Emaciation
    8.   sexual weakness, infertility
  8. Muscular atrophy


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