Our method

After an extensive intake and careful analysis of your problem, checking all medical records available, confer with your treating doctor if required, make our diagnosis using Ayurvedic diagnostic tools including pulse diagnosis and then draw up a treatment plan. Completely customized, especially for you, that depends on your lifestyle, timeavailable and your specific situation.

Your treatment may require balancing doshas, lifestyle or diet modification according to Ayurveda, Yoga and Pranayam (breathing) as well as therapies and supplements we have all the disciplines and treatment options in house.

We first need to make a good diagnosis, so do a in depth analysis along with family history is done, share full information with your doctor if required. After treatment starts and patient starts showing results we slowly empower you with preventive measures so once cured, you need not have to experience the presenting and related problems ever again

We have a regular practice of Ayurveda, along with we have a super specialization in pain of all kinds especially back pain, COPD, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Skin problems, Hair problems, Anti ageing & Beauty, liver problems, weight management, Management of Diabetes and its complication, mental & emotional problems, Stress management, sexual rejuvenation, Sleep disorder. This has happened because of the large number of pain and spine related patients that come to us.

Every day we face new medical challenges, always overcome! We work in close cooperation with our patients, their families and make sure maximum relief is experienced. But the effort has to be from both sides, and the final choice is yours. Our approach which is based on pure Ayurveda principles is that we will empower you, but finally you yourself will be in charge of your body and your health, we will support you with all the tools.

Our organization

ISIC-Belance Traditional Medicine, is run by Dr’s Sangitha and Virje Khosla MD(AM) and is part of The Vaidyaraja Gurukul trust. We are active and present in India, The Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

We have training in Ayurveda through courses, and books on Ayurveda published in a few European languages, We give much importance to education and training, Sessions and classes conducted at all our establishments

We empower all students by providing a regular supply of Ayurvedic products under the name Belance

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