Diabetes and complications

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Management of diabetes and its complications

Diabetes is becoming the no1 killer in India, over 7 % adult population and over 100% increase in last 15 years said to double in the next 7 years, Ayurveda has excellent resources for the management of diabetes to keep you away from insulin and to manage all diabetic complications.

Where there is a family history, get expert advice and stay protected.

We have expertise in natural management of acute and chronic Diseases

Acute and chronic diseases as well as well as most auto immune disorders such as Epilepsy, HIV, MS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hypertension as well as Cancer, have no cure in modern medicine only management. Ayurveda is known to have cures.

The earlier we start the better the chances of averting the disease.

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