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ISIC Belance– Traditional Medicine  is set up by Vaidya Raja Gurukul Trust founded by Dr.Sangitha and Virje Khosla, having nearly 35 years experience each, with patients in India and Europe.

Though the facility was created in 2008 , soon there after we handed over the fully set and operational facility to ISIC hospital.

We were invited back, and started again  on 1st January 2018. Vaidya Raja as a research, tabulation and dissemination of Traditional Indian Medical knowledge started in 1958.

The team managing ISIC – Belance, is highly qualified, handpicked and trained personally by Dr. Virje Khosla .


We respect, imbibe and propagate all known forms of Healing with scientific basis and regulation.

We have our personal direct presence in India, The Netherlands,Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

We work in cooperation with modern medicine using internationally  accepted systems and protocols, this facility will finally practice  Ayurveda, Siddha,  Yunani ,Homeopathy , Naturopathy , Sowa- Rigpa( Himalayan Medicine) Tribal Medicine, TCM Bach flower  remedies,  Medical  yoga. All in a pure form.

As a policy, we work for prevention,

” Look after your body when well, Why fall sick!” but should the need arise, we have the best!

Emergencies and Surgeries are managed by modern medicine.

Recovery and Chronic / degenerative problems are managed by natural means.

All forms of Traditional Medicine believe every individual is unique and There is no ‘ -one cure for all’  We practice accordingly. Help you to understand and empower you to take charge of your own body. Our treatment and therapies are supported by our own exclusive range of natural and organic products.

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