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Belance by Vaidyaraja, is run by Dr’s Sangitha and Virje Khosla MD(AM) and is part of The Vaidyaraja Gurukul trust. We are active and present in India, The Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

Belance By Vaidyaraja


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  • 9 am - 8 pm
  • 9 am - 8 pm

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Our Founder

Dr. Virje khosla

Dr Virje Khosla from is grand father starting age of 10 and later after completing bachelor in philosophy went on to do MD in alternate medicine .as been active practice since 1985. Read More

Our Co-founder

Dr. Sangitha khosla


Dr Sangitha M.B.B.S ,MD(AM) and is part of The Vaidyaraja Gurukul trust. We are active and present in India. Read More


Belance by Vaidyaraja
  • I came to ISIC Belance Traditional Medicine via a dear friend of mine who told me she could help me. I was seeking a rest in my mind. The first session I felt warmly welcome from the beginning and it was emotional. I was confronted with this dark energy I've been carrying for a long time. Doctor Sangitha supported me to identify the weakness and helped me to release some of this stagnant energy. After the first session I felt immediately a change, I felt lighter on my shoulders. I came with an open heart and with much more energy to the second session. This time we agreed that Dr. Sanghita will help me to "make my head stronger". After a while, during her massage - trying to block all the ideas and impressions still in my head - I felt physically very light, as if in seconds came into a REM phase but totally conscious and feeling this bright light in my forehead. I focused on this light and all the ideas went away. It was a short moment of time but it felt bright in my heart. At the end of the session Dr. Sangitha told me that what I felt was my third eye completely open so the energy could just flow from head to toe. Thank you Doctor Sangitha.
  • When I first came to ISIC-Belance Traditional Medicine, I was seeking for balance but I got much more. I was lucky to have met Sanghita, who is an amazing person full of love and healing powers. I learnt about Ayurveda Palms during a very stressful period of my life; I was overwhelmed with university studies, had trouble focusing, I felt disconnected and I was overthinking every small thing. After only 3 sessions, I felt the difference. Sanghita has the ability to read and understand what you need and gives you more. Not only I felt better, but I also regained faith in myself and became more connected to the inner-self. Often, the concern about our physical-self takes over and we forget to stay connected to our inner-self. I am eternally grateful to Sanghita for her help, teachings and for making me a part of ISIC-Belance Traditional Medicine.
  • I found Sanguita in a moment of my life in which I needed urgently to find myself and recover my soul and spirit. she is a fantastic healer and a person exuding energy and love for each pore of her skin. After 3 sessions I started to feel again comfortable with myself, she helped me to find my way in the daily world again. I am so happy and thankful for having discovered her that I hardly can verbalise it. She put me again in the path of meditation enjoying again the inner peace and deep relax and soul trips. ਮੇਰੇ ਦਿਲ ਦੇ ਤਲ ਤੋਂ ਬਹੁਤ ਸਾਰੇ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ मेरे दिल के नीचे से बहुत धन्यवाद
  • I have had great experience with ISIC Belance. I had 2 kidney stones and 1 was gone on the fourth treatment and 1 got a lot smaller according to my doctor .  Doctor found a painful spot before I mentioned and healed it. She has a magiz touch and I have recommended her to my family and friends. All are very happy. Namaste,Sangitha:)
  • I had allergy for 2,5 years and none of the tests could find its reason. I had to keep using some medicines which was not very nice to use continuously. When I met Dr. Sangitha, she directly told me that we’ll get rid of it! In the beginning I thought it would be same as the other ones but no! In 2 weeks time my sneezing was gone and a week later I could sleep way more better. Many thanks Sangitha!
  • After a recent trip I started facing tremendous problems with my stomach. For the next 25 days the issue persisted despite the fact that I had gone to my family doctor for help. He had prescribed me some sachet that even after taking 3 a day nothing happened. So I decided to visit ISIC-Belance Traditional Medicine. After taking psyllium husk for one day my issue started getting better already and I am on my way to recovery with some additional drops. Thank you Sangita for making me believe there is a solution to my issue. Now the old sachets will be collecting dust.
  • The first time I came in ISIC Belance, I was immediately calm and felt safe. My first session was absolutely amazing. The safety, warmth and love I experienced, it was like coming home! My most recent session, I asked for strength and courage. When in “myself”, My dominant thought/image was wood (nature) which was the energy that Sangitha was pushing through me. I had an important meeting after our session and I exceeded my own expectations. I felt confident, powerful and proud.
  • ISIC-Belance Traditional Medicine is great and looks and takes care of you from a holistic and personal point of view , they take always time for you and always try to Match a personal slot for you to get a full treatment you need . After every treatment You feel totally back in balance, motivated and full of energy. Dr Sangitha is gifted to treat and cure with her magic fingers your entire Body and spirit . After so many years I'm coming back here , and i would recommend it to any person !
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